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Iron Age

Iron Age House From the 10th Century BC Discovered in Greece

One of the earliest Iron Age houses in Greece has recently been discovered by archaeologists at Thorikos, an ancient village near the city of Lavrion, south of Athens. The discovery was made by researchers from the University of Göttingen, under...

The Philistines Were Likely of Greek Origin, According to DNA

Philistines were very likely of Greek origin, as a new DNA study traces the origins of the ancient villains in the Eastern Mediterranean

Iron Age Finds Point to Mediterranean-Wide Trade in Metals

New analyses of isotopes of ancient copper ingots have disclosed secrets of the surprising range of early Iron Age trade routes and how Mediterranean peoples of that time sourced metals from many areas to create their tools. The ingots, which...

Hundreds of Ancient Artifacts Stolen from Italy Have Been Recovered

Almost 800 ancient artifacts have been brought back to Italy after they were discovered to have been illegally exported to Belgium. The antiquities are worth as much as 11 million euros, and were found in the possession of a...

2,800-Year-Old Castle From Urartu Civilization Found in Turkey

A 2,800-year-old castle built by an enigmatic ancient civilization known as the Urartu, was recently unearthed by Turkish archaeologists.

Lost Ancient Kingdom Discovered by Farmer in Central Turkey

An ancient kingdom which has been lost to history was discovered in Turkey by archaeologists, following a series of events which began last year and culminated in the last several months. It all happened near the city of Konya (Iconium) in...