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The Delta of the Mornos River Part of Threatened Ecosystem

The wetlands surrounding the Mornos River in central Greece are home to a unique and threatened ecosystem. By Lia Mageira After the construction of the Mornos River dam in the mountainous region of Fokida, Greece, the formerly torrential river is now...

Trizonia: The Uknown Greek Island Onassis Almost Bought

Even today, travelers to Greece can still find many hidden treasure destinations which retain their almost unspoiled beauty, such as the island of Trizonia.

Trizonia: The Unknown Greek Island Onassis Almost Bought

This is the famed island which, after visiting it in the 1960’s, Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis attempted to buy.

Fire Destroys Historic Byzantine Convent in Central Greece

A fire destroyed a section of the ancient Convent of Panagia Varnakova in Fokida, central Greece, after breaking out after 11 p.m. on Sunday. Unfortunately, the fire ruined relics which had been the pride of the convent and an extremely old icon...

Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Villages in Central Greece

Greek authorities ordered the evacuation of two villages in Fokida, central Greece, on Sunday as a wildfire aided by strong winds is threatening homes in the area. Residents of Klima and Magoula were asked to flee their homes as dozens...

Strong Winds Knock Marble Monument Down in Greece's Fokida (video)

Strong winds that have swept across Greece since Thursday knocked down a monument in the town of Eratini in Central Greece's Fokida region on Friday. A CCTV video captured the moment when the strong winds lifted a huge piece of...

Two Dead after Two-Seater Plane Crashes in Fokida, Central Greece (video)

Two men were killed when a two-seater aircraft crashed on Sunday afternoon in Skaloma of Fokida in Central Greece, according to The fire department brigade was notified of the incident at 4:10 pm and rushed to the spot. Upon...