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Etruscan Tomb Excavation Unearths Ancient Greek Cup

Archaeologists in Italy recently uncovered ten remarkable Etruscan tombs in the Monterozzi necropolis, where they also found ancient Greek artefacts such as Euboic drinking cups. Carried out in what the archaeologists called an “emergency campaign” to save the complex, the...

The Ancient Greek “Dragon Houses” Still Standing Today

There is a group of ancient homes in Greece called "drakospita," or dragon houses, even though they have nothing to do with dragons.

Massive Evia Fire Continues to Destroy Greek Island

The fires on Evia continued to ravage the island as Greece continued to battle against the blazes on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Evia Fire Reached the Town of Limni, Thousands Evacuated by Sea

The devastating fires on the island of Evia continued their destructive path on Friday night and onto Saturday.

Ten Injured as Multiple Wildfires Continue to Ravage Greece

Ten people were taken to hospitals on Thursday evening in Greece as the country continues to fight multiple wildfires.

France Sends Rescuers, Firefighters, Tons of Equipment to Assist Greece

France is sending a large number of firefighters, rescuers, and a massive load of equipment to Greece.

Evia Fire Relief Fund: How You Can Help

Fires that burn across the island of Evia have displaced hundreds; please help the fire victims on Evia by contributing to our GoFundMe page.

Evia Fire Still Burning Uncontrolled on the Island

The large fire that broke out on Tuesday afternoon on the island of Evia, northeast of Athens is still burning uncontrollably.

New Archaeological Museum Opens in Chalkida, Greece

A new museum, named the Archaeological Museum of Chalkida, is opening its doors to the public for the first time on Monday.

Female Refugee on Euboea Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Giving Birth in Athens

A woman living in the refugee facility of Ritsona on the island of Euboea (Evia) has tested positive for the coronavirus after going to an Athens hospital to give birth two days earlier. The information was made public by Greece's...