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Eastern Orthodoxy

Saints Cyril and Methodius: Founders of Greek Orthodoxy in Russia, Ukraine

Saints Cyril and Methodius, brothers born in Thessaloniki, were the main influence for establishing Greek Orthodoxy in Slavic nations

Saint Thomas, the Apostle of India

India has a thriving community of Eastern Orthodox Christians. The Eastern Orthodox faith stems from the Apostolic Church, brought by Saint Thomas the Apostle to India. Orthodox Christians have confronted certain challenges from the Latin West. As per the book...

Panagia Sumela Monastery Undergoes Restoration Work

Restoration work has been carried out in the historical Sumela Monastery to erase the names and love quotes on frescoes of unknown people who caused immense damage to the famous and historical frescoes of the monastery. The Holy Monastery of...

Mount Athos Monk Hospitalized with Covid in Serious Condition

Mount Athos is on high alert, after 20 cases of coronavirus were diagnosed in the monks belonging to the many monasteries on the peninsula.