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Nia Vardalos, My Big Fat Greek Wedding Cast Honor Michael Constantine

Nia Vardalos brought together the cast members of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" to honor the memory of their late costar Michael Constantine, who died in late August at the age of 94. On Thursday, Nia Vardalos shared a photo...

Greeks Worldwide Celebrate Saints Constantine and Helen

May 21 is a festive day as the Greek Orthodox Church commemorates Saint Constantine, the founder of Constantinople, and his mother Helen.

Thessaloniki Celebrates 104th Liberation Anniversary

The First Balkan War in 1912, found Greece and allies Bulgaria and Serbia close to defeating the faltering Ottoman Empire in the Macedonia region. The Greek army was marching from victory to victory in Western Macedonia. However, serious disputes between...

Former Greek King Constantine Would Return to Throne if People Wanted Him

Former king of Greece, Constantine, said he is not interested in entering Greek politics because he doesn't know anything about politics. He refuses to apologize for the coup in Greece because he was not aware that a move for...