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Hypatia: The Female Greek Philosopher Killed for Her Beliefs

Hypatia, one of the greatest philosophers of Alexandria, was admired for her groundbreaking ideas but was brutally murdered for them by Christian fanatics in the fourth century AD. Born around the year 360, Hypatia was a female Greek philosopher, astronomer...

Exquisite Byzantine Mosaic Uncovered in Western Turkey

An early Byzantine Christian monastery with its exquisite mosaic was recently unearthed in Izmir, Western Turkey.

Holy Light Arrives From Jerusalem to Athens to Mark Easter

The Holy Light arrived in Greece on Holy Saturday, May 1 in a much humbler ceremony than what Greeks were used to in previous years.

Greek Orthodox Church of Uganda Celebrates Easter With Splendor

The Greek Orthodox Church of Uganda celebrated the Holy week with splendor and devotion.

Treasure Hunters Ruin Historical Church in Samsun, Turkey

A Greek church that dates back to the Byzantine era, located in the Ayaklıalan District of Samsun in Turkey was plundered recently by treasure hunters.

Greek Orthodox Churches in Britain to Close Due to Lockdown

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain announced on Saturday that all its churches will close across the country. This comes as a result of the new national lockdown imposed in England and the rest of the nations...

Greek Churches to Offer Holy Week Liturgies– But Behind Closed Doors

A Joint Ministerial Decision of Greece's Ministries of Education and Health was published on Monday, specifying the way churches are allowed to operate between April 12 and April 20, during the Orthodox Christian Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Churches will be...

Church of Crete Decrees All Liturgies to be Celebrated Without Congregations Due to Coronavirus Fears

The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Christian Church of Crete decided on Monday that all its liturgies will be conducted without congregants attending the services for an undetermined time into the future. It is noted that the Church of Crete...

Blending Traditions, Greek Orthodox Man and Sikh Fiancee Marry Twice

A popular Australian TV show on the SBS network titled ''Marry Me, Marry My Family'' aired an episode on Tuesday showing the struggle a Greek-Australian Orthodox man and his girlfriend, who is of Malaysian descent and a devoted Sikh,...

Greece's Folk Traditions for the Feast of the Ascension

June 6, 2019 is Ascension Day according to the Orthodox Christian Church. This great feast day in the Christian calendar has played a crucial role in Greek folk traditions throughout the centuries. For generation upon generation, Greeks have believed that...