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Yiannis Pappas

Statue of Alexander the Great to Grace Athens

Athens is preparing to erect a statue of the great Macedon king Alexander, which will be the first of its kind in the Greek capital. The base of the statue by prominent contemporary sculptor Yiannis Pappas was placed earlier in the...

Comedian Yannis Pappas Remembers Robin Williams’ Important Message in ‘Dead Poets Society’

It's quite strange. Every time a comedian dies, as a fellow comedian, even if you didn't know the person at all, you just feel extremely sad. It's like losing a fellow soldier.

Mr. Panos Reveals Secret Project “Mickey Mouse” in New Video

Mr. Panos, one of the funniest Greek youtube characters, reveals the truth behind "Project Mickey Mouse" in a new youtube video. The secret project is carried out by CIA according to Panos. The comedic mastermind behind Mr. Panos is...

Chatzis’ 100th Marked In Hungary

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dimitris Chatzis (1913-1981), the Press and Communication Office of the Greek Embassy in Hungary, in cooperation with the Department of Modern Greek Studies of the University organized a...