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World War II

Top Ten Military Powers in the World Right Now

Lists of strongest military forces are appearing in various publications now that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has the world standing on edge

Liberty Ships: The “Ugly Ducklings” that Transformed Greek Shipping

Liberty Ships, first built during World War II,  transformed the Greek shipping industry. By Lia Mageira “Your safety altogether depends upon the sea.” Xenophon, 4th century BC, Greek historian and philosopher. During World War II, between 1941 and 1945, a total of 2,711...

The Brave Greeks Who Saved the Jews of Zakynthos

The Jews of Zakynthos, Greece's beautiful Ionian island, owe their survival during the dark days of the German occupation to two brave Greeks. Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is famous worldwide for its splendid natural beauty and the incomparable hospitality...

The Forgotten Greek Heroes of the Battle of Rimini

The Battle of Rimini and the heroes of the 3rd Hellenic Mountain Brigade is one of the lesser known chapters of World War II, but a proud moment for Greece.

August 15th 1940: Italians Torpedo Greek Cruiser Elli as a Precursor to War

It was August 15, 1940 when the Italian submarine 'Delfino' torpedoed and sank the Greek light cruiser 'Elli' at Tinos' port during the Word War II. World War II had been raging for almost a year in Europe, with Greece...

Last Surviving Soldier from Battle of Crete Dies

New Zealand's and perhaps the world's last surviving soldier of Second World War heroic Battle of Crete died at the age of 104. On Sunday, Cyril Henry Brant Robinson, passed away at the retirement community of Whangamata Moana House, New Zealand. Robinson...

Gang Member Monkey Executed In Japan

A monkey was executed in Japan for being part of an animal "gang" who were repeatedly attacking humans. The macaque monkey was recently located and executed by a group of specially commissioned hunters in Japan. The "monkey gang" has...

What Starving Greeks Ate During the Nazi Occupation

It is a lingering nightmare for the few remaining survivors: memories of the suffering, starvation, and widespread death during the time of the Nazi occupation of Greece between April 1941 and October 1944. As German forces marched into Athens in...

George Dilboy, The First Greek-American Who Fell in World War I

George Dilboy was the first Greek-American soldier to receive the Medal of Honor, America's highest medal for bravery.

Greece Remembers the Cold-Blooded Nazi Massacre at Distomo

The massacre at Distomo remains to this day one of the most heinous crimes the Nazis committed against innocent women and children