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Greece Promises Billions in Aid for Fire Victims, Reforestation

Greece's Minister of Finance and other officials announced details regarding aid for fire victims on Tuesday afternoon.

Evia Fires: Greek Reporter Bursts into Tears on Live TV

Evlambia Revi, a Greek reporter burst into tears while covering the latest developments on the fire-ravaged island of Evia on live TV.

Videographer Vasilis Filoras Dies While Assisting in Attica Fires

The funeral of Vasilis Filoras, the videographer who died while volunteering in the wildfires of Attica on Friday will take place on Tuesday.

Greece Fires Continue for 8th Day, More Than 230,000 Acres Burned

Greece is fighting for the eighth consecutive day with its fires, particularly on two main fronts.

Greek Volunteers Form Human Chain to Stop Fire from Reaching Evia Village

About 40 volunteers are prepared to form a human chain to stop the fires from reaching Kamatriades village in northern Evia. Armed with fire extinguishers, they are vigilantly waiting for the flames to reach Kamatriades, ready to battle with them,...

California Braces for More Days of Inferno as Wildfires Continue to Burn

The US state of California has been experiencing one of the worst wildfires in its history for several weeks now.

Over 230,000 Acres Reduced to Ash as Greece Continues to Fight Fires

More than 65,000 hectares (650,000 stremmata) of land have been burned completely by fires in three different parts of Greece.

2,500-Year-Old Ancient Olive Tree Burned Down in Evia Fires in Greece

A 2,500 year old ancient olive tree on the island of Evia was destroyed today in the ongoing wildfires consuming the region. The ancient tree was located in the olive grove of Rovia, and was such an enduring symbol...

Evia Fire: “Our Children Will Never See the Island Like We Did” Says Mayor

The mayor of Istiaia - Aidipsos on northern Evia issued a dramatic warning about the aftermath of the devastating fires on the island.

Greek Inferno: 154 Fires Currently Raging in Greece

Saturday found Greece fighting for the fifth consecutive day with tens of fires across the nation.