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Large Fire Breaks Out in Achaia, Residents Evacuated

A large wildfire broke out in Achaia, a region of the Peloponnese, Greece on Saturday. Residents of Ziria and Ano Ziria have been evacuated.

Large Fire Breaks Out in Achaia, Residents Evacuated

A large fire has broken out in the agricultural and heavily-forested region of Elekistira, in Achaia, near Patras on Wednesday.

Major Wildfire in East Attica, Residents Evacuated

A large wildfire broke out in Stamata, East Attica on Tuesday afternoon, and residents have been evacuated.

Deadly Fire at Mati Still Haunts Greece Three Years Later

Three years since the devastating fires of July 23, 2018 in the seaside Athens resort of Mati the horrifying images cannot be erased.

Wildfire on Samos Island Forces Evacuation of Greek Holiday Resort

Dozens of firefighters aided by helicopters and three air tankers are battling a wildfire on the island of Samos which started on Thursday.

Wildfire in Greece Destroys over 4,000 Acres of Forest

The wildfire raging west of Athens since Wednesday evening has destroyed over 4,000 acres of forest, said Greek minister Nikos Hardalias

Major Wildfire Raging West of Athens; Areas Evacuated

Greek firefighters backed by water-dropping aircraft are battling a major wildfire near the town of Loutraki, west of Athens on Thursday.

Villages Evacuated on Greece’s Andros as Fire Breaks Out

A large wildfire broke out on Sunday morning on the Greek island of Andros, in the archipelago of the Cyclades.

Wildfire Rages in East Attica Town of Artemida, Evacuations Ordered

On Wednesday, a series of wildfires broke out around east Attica, forcing the evacuation of many towns in the region. And yet another new wildfire is threatening east Attica's seaside, including the town of Artemida. The fire is thought to...

Greece Orders Evacuation of Towns as Fires Rage East of Athens

Wildfires raging in towns east of Athens are approaching houses, resulting in the authorities issuing orders for evacuations in the region. High temperatures and strong winds are only strengthening the flames and spreading the fires, making them extremely dangerous. The...