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Waterfalls Formed After Torrential Rain in Athens

Small waterfalls have been formed in several parts of Athens as torrential rain has hit the Greek capital flooding the roads on Thursday. Residents in Athens have been urged to restrict their movements due to the deteriorating weather in an...

The Awe-Inspiring Natural Landscape of Greece’s Zagori

Zagori is an awe-inspiring natural landscape with an incredibly well-preserved network of 46 villages and features national parks, rivers and waterfalls.

Edessa: The Greek City of Water and the Five Senses

Get to know Edessa, the Northern Greek city referred to as the “City of Water and of the Five Senses,” which is home to thermal springs and the famed Edessa Waterfalls. Edessa is the capital of Pella, located in the...

Samothrace: The Most “Un-Greek” Island of Greece

Samothrace is a little-known Greek island which boasts many breathtaking waterfalls and is surrounded by crystal clear waters.

Mykonos Now Boasts Its Own Waterfalls

Mykonos has not only amazing beaches and intense nightlife, but it can also now boast of having its own waterfalls! Greece has seen storm after storm, with rain and heavy snow, march through the entire nation in the past several...

Theodoriana: The Fairy Tale Greek Village with the Double Waterfall

The breathtaking village of Theodoriana, nestled in the Tzoumerka mountain range in Greece, looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Discover The Hidden Natural Wonders of Nemouta in the Peloponnese

Waterfall along the Erymanthos River near Nemouta The village of Nemouta is located on the western side of the Peloponnesian Peninsula, in the prefecture of Elis, part of the region of western Greece. Its waterfalls and forests will remind you of...