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Vikos gorge

Papingo: One of the Most Picturesque Villages in Greece

Perched very near the end of Vikos Gorge, picturesque Papingo consists of two villages, Megalo Papingo and Mikro Papingo, or Greater Papingo and Lesser Papingo

Vikos Gorge: The Greek Grand Canyon

The Vikos Gorge is known as the "Greek Grand Canyon" because of its dizzying cliffs and stunning heights.

Stunning Photo of Comet Streaking Through Sky Over Greek Gorge

Constantine Emmanouilidi, a photographer based in Thessaloniki, traveled to Vikos Gorge in Epirus, northwest Greece, to capture this stunning photo of the comet Neowise crossing over the canyon. Vikos Gorge, part of the 12,600 hectare Vikos-Aoos National Park, is listed in...

French TV Shows Off Zagorochoria

These days a TV crew from France visited the region of Zagori in order to produce a film on the beauties of the area. The crew used a helicopter to make it possible for the French audience to get an...

Rediscover Greece Canyoning

Most advertisement and tourism campaigns have promoted and praised Greece for many years as a Mediterranean country of marvelous beaches, crystal clear waters, warm sunny days and breathtaking landscapes by the sea. But this is only one side of...