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Vatopedi scandal

Vatopedi Monastery Land Scandal Trial to be Adjourned

The trial for the Vatopedi Monastery land swap scandal started on Monday without any of the politicians allegedly involved standing trial. However, it was adjourned for March 23 because the courtroom was deemed not sufficient. The main defendants are the...

Greek Supreme Court Charges 14 over Vatopedi Monastery Scandal

Greece ’s Supreme Court indicted 14 individuals earlier today over the Vatopedi Monastery land swap scandal that became public in August 2008. The court struck down a Supreme Court deputy prosecutor's reversal of the indictments, requested by three of...

Abbot Ephrem Out on Bail But Confined to Greece

The embattled abbot of a monastery on Mount Athos, Greece, was released yesterday on a €300,000 bail after spending around three months behind bars. Ephrem, 55, chief monk of the Vatopedi monastery, had been remanded in connection with embezzlement, money laundering...

Ephraim and Poutin Make … "Miracles"

Tens of thousands of Russians lined up outside the Christ the Savior Cathedral on Saturday for a[...]