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Ten Injured as Multiple Wildfires Continue to Ravage Greece

Ten people were taken to hospitals on Thursday evening in Greece as the country continues to fight multiple wildfires.

Greek Ministry of Interior, Attica Officials Authorize Help for Fire Victims

Five different financial resources will be granted to the fire victims of the Varympompi area after forest fires laid waste to their homes.

New Fire Erupts Near Athens as Blazes Rage on in Ilia, Evia

New fires have rekindled in Varympompi, north of Athens, on three fronts. The ominous developments occur just one day after the previous fire.

Over 100 Homes Destroyed, Damaged by Fires in Greece

The Evia and Varympompi fires have now burned over 150 homes and 20,000 acres of land; three more villages on Evia have been evacuated.

Fires in Greece Leave Ruins and Devastation Behind

Tuesday was one of the worst days of this summer in terms of fires in Greece, with Varympompi and Evia island being affected the most.

Greece Fires: Massive Blaze Threatens Suburb of Varympompi, Homes Burned

A large fire has broken out on Tuesday afternoon in Varympompi, a northern suburb of Athens.

Varympompi, Thrakomakedones in Flames

A big fire broke out at 10:20 in the evening of August 5 at Varympompi while fire-fighters are struggling with the strong winds (wind force is 5 on the Beaufort scale). Varympompi is a suburban community, part of the...