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Lab-grown Meat Approved in the U.S. for the First Time

The US Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved lab-grown meat, giving the okay for products such as Upside Foods’ "cultivated chicken,” which they have indicated is safe to eat. Uma Valeti, CEO and founder of the Berkeley, California-based...

Hearing Devices to be Sold Over the Counter as FDA Regulations Change

This week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) passed new regulations allowing hearing devices to be sold over the counter, a move aimed at making the devices easily accessible. On Wednesday, the regulations prompted many businesses to announce the...

US FDA Authorizes Use of Merck Anti-Covid Pill

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the Merck anti-covid coronavirus pill on Thursday, just one day after it OK'd the use of Pfizer's pill for the treatment of the virus. Called molnupiravir, the pill had already been authorized for...

Pfizer, Moderna Release Data Supporting Booster Shot

Late on Wednesday, the pharmaceutical firm Moderna released new data regarding breakthrough cases of the coronavirus that it says supports the need for a third booster shot of its coronavirus vaccine. Earlier the Pfizer Corporation had announced that evidence from Israel...

Pfizer Granted Priority Review for FDA Vaccine Approval

Last Friday, the US FDA granted pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech priority review designation for their coronavirus vaccine.

Moderna Says Vaccine Safe for Teens, Will Submit to FDA

The Moderna pharmaceutical company announced on Tuesday that its mRNA vaccine, now only given to adults, is highly effective in adolescents.

FDA Calls for Halt to Administration of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

The USFDA called for a halt to federally-sponsored inoculation campaigns using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.