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US to Deploy Another 1,000 Military Health Workers to Fight Covid-19

The United States will deploy another 1,000 military health workers to help staff in hospitals around the country, the White House announced on Thursday. This will be the second deployment of National Guard troops in healthcare facilities around the nation,...

Greece’s Alexandroupolis Hosts “Largest Shipment of US Equipment in History”

Greece's port of Alexandroupolis is now hosting the "largest shipment of US military equipment in history," the American Embassy in Athens said on Friday. US carriers have been transferring helicopters and military vehicles that will participate in the upcoming NATO...

US Marines Have Been Secretly Deployed to Taiwan for the Past Year

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that roughly 24 United States troops have been stationed on Taiwan this past year. Their presence was announced by officials on Thursday after renewed tensions between the nations came to the fore...

Afghan Interpreter “Going to Die for a Good Thing” for Helping US

An Afghan interpreter who helped US forces in Afghanistan has accepted that he likely will not be evacuated from the country and is going to die, but does not regret sacrificing his life for doing "a good thing," he...

Stoicism Used by US Military to Help Treatment of PTSD

The US Military is engaging with the Greek philosophy of stoicism to explore the ways in which its tenets resonate across life in the military

Leaked Footage Shows US Navy Filmed UFO Over Pacific in 2019

Footage from the U.S. Navy shows a UFO spotted flying erratically in California in 2019 before it plunged under the ocean beneath it.

US Army Chooses Cretan Water to Quench its Thirst

The Greek bottled water brand Zaros, which comes from the Cretan village of the same name, will soon be slaking the thirst of the US Armed Forces, according to a list of approved products to be purchased by the...