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AUKUS: US, UK and Australia Announce Pact in Effort to Stop China

President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that he will be working with the United Kingdom to help Australia get nuclear-powered submarines, a partnership the nations are calling "AUKUS." The countries' efforts are part of a larger movement headed by Biden...

Taliban Enter Kabul as Government Resigns in Afghanistan

Taliban insurgents took over Kabul reportedly forcing Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to step down and hand over power

Ancient Greek Crown of Pure Gold Found in Box Under Man’s Bed

A British pensioner found a 2,300 year old ancient Greek crown packed with crumpled old newspapers in an old cardboard box under his bed.

Russian Airlines to Resume Flights to Greece on July 24

Russian airlines will continue regular flights to Greece, as well as France, the Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lebanon, Croatia, and Ethiopia. The resumed service will begin July 24, this Saturday. Russian airlines plan to provide seven flights a...

Cyprus Mulls Reopening on May 10

Cyprus' Minister of Health is expected to recommend that the government will reopen the country on May 10 after a drop in COVID 19 cases.

Britons Urged To Wait Before Booking New Vacations To Greece

Britons were urged to not make new vacation bookings to destinations, including Greece, ahead of new travel guidance is issued this week.

Greek Insignia to Adorn Prince Philip’s Casket

The Greek white cross insignia can now be seen on the upper right corner of the flag adorning Prince Philip's casket, as it forms part of HRH's royal standard. As funeral preparations are underway for the Greek-born Prince Philip, Queen...

Prince Philip, Consort of Queen Elizabeth, Dies at 99

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and consort of the Queen of England Elizabeth II, passed away early Friday morning at the age of 99 at Windsor Castle. There was no official statement as to the cause of his...

Part of Sir Isaac Newton’s Manuscripts Were Written in Greek

Many of Isaac Newton's precious notebooks, in which he worked out his theories about the world, were written entirely in perfect Greek.

The Greek Designer of the Iconic British Mini Car

An English-Greek man had the distinction of being the designer of one of the two most emblematic cars in the world, the Mini Cooper.