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Why Many Americans are Boycotting Bud Light

Many American consumers have launched a boycott campaign against Bud Light one of the biggest-selling beers in the USA. ABC reports that critics of Bud Light burned empty beer boxes and fired bullets at cans as part of an anti-trans...

Elon Musk’s Transgender Child will Change Name, Cut Ties

After recently turning eighteen, the transgender daughter of Elon Musk filed to have her name changed to reflect her new gender identity and to cut all ties with her billionaire father. The former Xavier Alexander Musk said in an April...

Pregnant Man Makes List of Proposed New Emoji

On July 17 the Unicode Consortium announced a series of new proposed additions to their list, including the figures of a pregnant man emoji.

Marginalized, Victimized Transgender Greek Found Dead

Transgender Greek, Dimitri Kalogiannis missing since April 6 was found dead. Her body was identified by her brother it emerged on Thursday.

Transgender Bill Tabled in Parliament Causes Reactions by Gov't MPs

Greek MPs are engaged in two days of debate on the legal recognition of gender identity. If; as expected, the majority vote in favour of the new bill, Greeks will have the right to decide their own gender identity...

Transgender Refugees Attacked in Leros; One Hospitalized

Two transgender refugees were attacked in Leros on Wednesday by people on motorcycles, the Greek Transgendered Support Association (GTSA) said in a press release on Friday. One of the two women is being treated for her injuries at the local...