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8 Secret Workout Tips from Ancient Greek Athletes

Whether you were hoping to drop a few pounds or build that summer six-pack, ancient Greek athletes can give helpful pointers about getting in shape. Try these handy workout tips to wash away your guilt and lower the lbs. Handed down...

Amazon Starts Digital Skills Program in Greece

Greece’s Manpower Organization (OAED) will cooperate with Amazon for the training of the country's registered unemployed on digital skills.

Greek Pilot Voted NATO’s Best Warrior for 2020

A Greek pilot from Crete has been recognized as NATO's Best Warrior for 2020, bringing the prestigious award to the Greek Army for the second year.

Golden Dawn Recruits Minors

Controversial photographs found in the possession of Golden Dawn MPs have caused major reactions, after disclosure by Counter Terrorism police. The police found the images on the personal computers and USB drives of a number of MPs. Despite their...