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Why Greeks Crack Red Eggs on Easter

Greeks have been cracking red eggs at Easter for centuries. The tradition, although it is also a fun game, is steeped in religious symbolism.

Holy Saturday: Greek Orthodox Prepare for the Resurrection of Jesus

Holy Saturday, the day before Greek Easter on Sunday, marks the last day of Holy Week for Orthodox Christians.

Holy Monday, The First Day of Orthodox Holy Week

The first of the seven days leading up to Easter, called Great and Holy Week in the Greek Orthodox Church, is Holy Monday.

Meat Eaters Delight as Greece Celebrates Tsiknopempti

The country is currently indulging in Tsiknopempti, one of the most important dates on the calendar in Greece.

The Lost Art of Basket Weaving in Greece

Traditional handicrafts of Greece were initially born out of necessity. Still appreciated today is basket weaving.

Lagana, Halvas and Taramas, The Greek Delicacies of Clean Monday

Lagana, halvas, and taramas, known as “the Koulouma,” are the official foods of the first day of Lent in Greece, known as "Clean Monday."

Fifth-Century AD Evil Eye From Israel Shows Talisman Popular There

Officials from the Israeli Antiquities Authority recently displayed a 5th-century Evil Eye that served as a talisman against evil.

Grilled Meat on the Menu as Greece Marks Tsiknopempti

Thursday is not going to be a banner day for vegetarians in Greece. The country is currently indulging in the great annual feast of barbecued meats as part of the celebrations for Tsiknopempti, one of the most important dates on...

'Martis' Bracelets Mark Arrival of Greek Spring

Greeks are preparing to welcome spring by celebrating an ancient annual custom with the tradition of Martis where both adults and children adorn themselves with red-and-white bracelets made of thread from March 1 to March 31. It must be threaded...

The Most Traditional Rituals of Clean Monday in Greece

Greece is a country full of cultural and religious traditions - and one celebration which is a bit of both is Clean Monday or "Kathari Deftera. Let's take a look at some of the ways that Greeks celebrate one...