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Greek Professor Keeps Music from Cycladic Islands Alive

A Greek professor is compiling an enormous online archive of historic music from the Cycladic Islands, the first collection of its kind.

Learn to Play Greek Bouzouki Online! [video]

Want to learn to play the bouzouki? It's never to late to start with lessons and now its easier than ever thanks to modern technology and online courses! This is an amazing resource for Greeks world-wide as well as non-Greeks...

German Philhellenes Visit Thessalia

45 German Philhellenes have come to Greece to show their love for Greek music. Their club, called "Ichoussa Gefyra" (meaning  in Greek, "the resonating bridge") is fond of traditional Greek music and Balkan, too. Some of its members are distinguished Germans...

Greek Bouzouki Sounds Αt London Olympic Games

The Greek Bouzouki School of Yiannis Polykandriotis in the UK will represent Greece and its traditional music in the artistic programme of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The fifty-member orchestra is made up of male and female bouzouki players,...