UK Tourists Rush to Book Tickets to Greece After Amber List Change

UK tourists are expected to enter Greece in droves following a change to travel requirements by the British government.

Austrian Airlines Flies Huge Boeing 777 to Greece to Meet Demand

Austrian Airlines has announced that they will be deploying a larger aircraft in their fleet for flights to Greece in order to meet demand. 

Top Five Destinations in the Peloponnese

Both Greek and international tourists love visiting the Greek islands, which are world famous for their beaches, nightlife, and beauty. However, more and more travelers are discovering the gems of the Greek mainland, and most of all, the beautiful...

Must-See UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece

Due to its ancient history, it should not come as a surprise that Greece boasts a rich list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Top Five Emerging Destinations in Greece

Though Greece is one of the most well-visited destinations in the world, tourists generally tended to congregate in just a few spots throughout the country: mostly Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. However, as more travelers venture off the beaten path,...

Greece Remains on UK Amber List After Third Review

Greece has remained on the UK's "amber list" for travel following the publication of the government's revised lists on Friday. 

Exploring Nafpaktos’ Venetian Port and Fortress Transports You to Another Time

Nafpaktos is a picturesque town that is situated on a bay on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth in Western Greece.

Wind Farms Threaten Greece’s Cape Malea

A wall of wind turbines could spoil both the scenery and the habitats of indigenous wildlife in Monemvasia at Cape Maleas in the Peloponnese

Coronavirus Pandemic: Greece Records 30 More Deaths

EODY announced on Sunday that it has recorded 907 new cases of the coronavirus in the last 24-hour period.

Greece Welcomes First Flight from US to Kick-Start Tourism Season

Greece welcomed on Saturday the first direct flight from the US since 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic began.