Calamos Supports Greece

Tony Blair

Concordia Summit Concludes with Keynote Remarks by Tony Blair and Jill Biden

The 2022 Concordia Annual Summit is concluding on Wednesday, September 21st at the Sheraton New York Times Square with closing remarks at 1:50 pm (ET) by Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Blair and the First Lady of the United States,...

Secret Offshore Wealth of World Leaders Exposed in Pandora Papers

The secret offshore wealth of more than 300 world leaders, politicians and billionaires was exposed in the "Pandora Papers" on Sunday in one of the largest ever leaks of financial data. The documents show how 35 current and former world...

Delphi Economic Forum Kicks Off in Athens

The 6th edition of the Delphi Economic Forum (DEF) kicks off in hybrid format on Monday in Zappeion Megaron in Athens.

Greece Loses Friend Eddy O’Hara

Friend of Greece, Eddy O'Hara has passed away at the age of 78. The former Labour MP for Knowsley South was a lifelong advocate in support of the reunification of the Parthenon marbles to Greece. In the 1950's O'Hara was deployed...