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Why Fraternities and Sororities are Called “Greek Life”

Have you ever wondered why American college fraternities and sororities are referred to as "Greek life?" Why are they commonly named after the Greek alphabet? "Greek life" is a term for different exclusive societies—fraternities for men, sororities for women—that have...

Fourth of July: How Ancient Greece Inspired American Independence

Greek Americans have one more reason to be proud on the Fourth of July each year because they don't only celebrate America's Independence Day, but also the great influence of Hellenism on the birth of the American nation. The ideas...

Much of US’ Architecture Inspired by Ancient Greece

In the 18th century, the US was a new country after winning its independence from the British, and US architecture needed to define itself.

The Friendship Between Thomas Jefferson and Adamantios Korais

Philologist Adamantios Korais and Thomas Jefferson exchanged important correspondence during the Greek War of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed from New York City Hall

A statue of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, was removed from the New York City Hall on Monday due to his links with the slave trade. The removal of the statue, which was sculpted by French...

Greek Politics: The Worst Show on Earth

As political freak shows go, you just can't beat Greece, especially when the Three-Ring Circus known as the Parliament in session, if only to see workers paid thousands of euros a month walking around handing out glasses of water...