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Fossilized Olive Leaves are Reminder of Prehistoric Volcano on Santorini

Fossilized olive leaves from a tree that was alive 60,000 years ago on the island of Thira (the modern Santorini) are immortalized in the volcanic ash that encased them after an eruption. The exquisite fossils were discovered at an old...

Solving The Mystery of Santorini’s Volcano

The mystery surrounding the formation of Santorini’s volcano is one that still puzzles archeologists and scientists today. Santorini is a place of great beauty visited by millions of tourists each year. It is an island well known for its beautiful hotels,...

Santorini Volcano in Greece to Erupt Again, Scientists Warn

A group of scientists believe the cosmopolitan island is “at high risk for volcanically- and seismically-induced hazards.

Findings on Santorini Point to “Lost Island of Atlantis” Origins

The ancient lost city of Atlantis may indeed have been located on what is now known as the Greek island of Santorini.

UNESCO's International Symposium in Santorini

UNESCO’s international scientific symposium, hosted in Santorini, will focus on the heritage and development of wine regions and their role in tourism. The symposium has been scheduled to take place from November 5 to 7, 2015. The University of Burgundy...