Coronavirus: Greece Records 494 New Cases, Regions Added to ”Red Zone”

A total of 494 new cases of Coronavirus were diagnosed in Greece on Sunday, down from 795 that were recorded in the country one day earlier, on Saturday. Ten of the new cases were found in the entrance gates of...

COVID-19: South African Variant Found in Thessaloniki

The new South African COVID-19 variant has been found in Thessaloniki, Greece, it was made public on Sunday. Thessaloniki is Greece's second-largest city and capital of the region of Macedonia. It is home to approximately one million people. The broader area...

‘Cloudy Sunday’: The Untold Story of Jewish Greeks in Thessaloniki

"Cloudy Sunday" tells the poignant and tragic story of the Greek-Jewish population of Thessaloniki during WWII. As part of its "Always on Sunday" program, the Hellenic Film Society will be streaming the historical drama from January 3 to February...

Covid-19: 444 Cases Diagnosed in Greece on Monday

A total of 444 Covid-19 cases were diagnosed in Greece on Monday, which is just one more than the 445 cases that were recorded in the country just one day earlier, on Sunday. Tragically, 39 people with the virus passed...

Wizz Air: Fly to Abu Dhabi from Greece for Less Than One Euro

Economy airline Wizz Air is offering an unbelievable deal to those flying from Athens or Thessaloniki to Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Wizz announced an incredible deal on Sunday -- a one-way ticket to the...

Thessaloniki’s Coronavirus Infections Decreasing, Experts Say

Thessaloniki's coronavirus infections are finally on the decrease, after months of surges this Winter, according to researchers who shared their findings on Friday. Greece's second-largest city had been a hotbed of the infections, after the capital of Athens, for some...

Holocaust Survivor Vaccinated in Thessaloniki

A Holocaust survivor was the first to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in the inoculation campaign that started in Thessaloniki's nursing homes.

Greece Records 390 Cases of Covid-19 Sunday

A total of 390 Covid-19 cases were diagnosed in Greece Sunday, which is 128 more than the 262 cases recorded in the country on Saturday.

Greek Volunteer Example of Solidarity to Europe

Throughout the pandemic, Elias Giovanidis has been a volunteer at a food bank in Thessaloniki, providing meals for struggling families.

Greek Nurse Sets Up ICU at Home to Care for Covid-Infected Family

Greek nurse Gabriel Tachtatzoglou has set up an ICU at home to care for members of his family who are infected with the coronavirus.