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Xena: How Hollywood Created a Greek Warrior Princess that Never Existed

Xena the Greek warrior princess, who started as an antagonist of Hercules, captivated audiences around the world more than 20 years ago.

For Ancient Greeks Our Modern Democracy is an Oligarchy

To ancient Greeks, our modern democracy would count as “oligarchy”. The rule of and by the few, as opposed to the power of the people.

The Erotic Art of Ancient Greece and Rome

Explicit erotic art was common in ancient Greece and Rome. Sex is everywhere on Athenian vases of the 6th and 5th centuries BC.

Millennia-Old Teeth Challenge Military History of Ancient Greece

New evidence challenges the military history of ancient Greece suggesting that armies used mercenaries to fight wars.

How Ancient Greeks, Romans Controlled the Spread of Disease

Ancient Greeks and Romans got a surprising number of things right about how disease spreads and the importance of airflow for public health.

Why Calculating the Risk of the AstraZeneca Vaccine is So Difficult

The European Medicines Agency has concluded there’s a possible link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and rare forms of blood clotting.

Can We Hack the Brain? Doubts Over Elon Musk’s Grand Project

By Andrew Jackson, Professor of Neural Interfaces, Newcastle University If thoughts, feelings and other mental activities are nothing more than electrochemical signals flowing around a vast network of brain cells, will connecting these signals with digital electronics allow us to...

Dying Old, Dying Young: Greek Myths and Coronavirus

By: Chris Mackie* The loss of life from the spread of coronavirus has been on an enormous scale. In the USA more Americans have now died from COVID-19 than in the entire Vietnam war. Notwithstanding some poignant and passionate speeches by...

Why 5G Conspiracy Theories Prosper During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Tim Hill, Robin Canniford, and Stephen Murphy* As the coronavirus pandemic has gathered momentum, so too have explanations for how the outbreak started and what is causing its spread. Among these explanations is a theory that the recent rollout...

How Coronavirus Exposes the Way We Regard Aging and Seniors

by Shir Shimoni* The elderly have come to occupy a central place in our news bulletins these days. Headlines were quick to inform the public that the highest mortality rate from COVID-19 is in people aged 70 and over. Experts...