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The Nine Muses of Greek Mythology and Their Powers

According to ancient writers and Greek mythology, the muses are the sources of inspiration for the arts and knowledge. They are the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosine and the romantic companions of Apollo's entourage.

Common Greek Myths Found Throughout Art History

Those who are well-versed in Greek mythology likely recognize many scenes from myths in famous artworks. In fact, apart from religious scenes, images from Greek mythology are one of the most common themes in European art. Greek mythology is prominent...

Greece Declares State of Emergency in Evia, Thessaloniki Due to Storm Thalia

The Greek government has declared a state of emergency on the island of Evia and civil protection measures in Macedonia following the devastating storms over the weekend which resulted in eight fatalities and destroyed property and crops, according to...

‘Thalia’ a Book on Greek Immigrants of Australia

A new book, entitled “Thalia,” written by Greek-Australian author Nikos Piperis, talks about one of the most tragic aspects of immigration revealing violent details of young people who were forced to uproot from their homeland against their will. It also...