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Heat Wave to Blaze Through Greece Reminiscent of 1987 Temperatures

A severe heat wave is expected to blaze through Greece next week, reminding many of the deadly temperatures the country faced in 1987.

Heat Wave in Greece, Around the World Sets New Records

A severe heat wave has impacted peoples in Greece and across the world, and has even lead to tragic deaths across Canada. 

Greece Heatwave Turns Aegean Sea into Steam Bath

The temperature of the Aegean Sea has increased to 28C which is four degrees higher than normal due to the extended heatwave that hits Greece

Greece Braces For Storms As Autumn's First Cold Front Approaches

Greece must brace itself for a cold front with heavy rainfall and a rapid drop in temperatures from Thursday onward, meteorologists said on Thursday morning, The weather will deteriorate on Thursday and Friday with rainstorms that, in some cases, will...

Cooler Temperatures Expected as Heatwave Set to Subside During Midweek

The scorching temperatures that have been recorded in Greece since last Friday are set to moderate beginning on Thursday, according to the latest forecast issued on Monday by the National Observatory of Athens' Meteo department. Most areas across Greece have experienced temperatures reaching...

Sweltering Temperatures Expected to Sweep Across Greece This Weekend

This weekend is expected to be an extremely hot one in Greece, as temperatures are set to rise over the next several days, according to meteorologists. Greece's National Meteorological Service (EMY) and the Meteo team from the National Observatory of...

Greek Summer Temperatures Up By 4 Degrees Celsius in Past Century

Greece’s average temperatures during the summer months have risen by more than four degrees Celsius in a period of 100 years, according to Professor of Geology Christos Zerefos, head of the Research Center for Atmospheric Physics & Climatology of...

Sea Surface Temperatures on the Rise in Greece, Scientists Say

  July and August are well known in Greece for their cooler northern winds, called ''Meltemia''. These winds, especially in the Aegean Sea, offer lower pleasant temperatures on the Greek islands, while the mainland of the country suffers from heatwaves. This...

Temperatures in Greece Expected to Rise Over 40 Degrees Celsius Starting Sunday (video)

Another heat wave is expected to hit Greece starting this Friday, when temperatures will begin to rise into the high 30's. At the height of the heat wave, temperatures are expected to reach as high as 40 to 41 degrees...