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Greek Table Tennis Champion Qualifies For Fifth Olympiad

Greek table tennis champion Panagiotis Gionis has achieved his goal to qualify for participation in his 5th Olympiad, a rare feat for an athlete. 

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Greek Athlete Aiming for his Fifth Olympiad

He may not be a household name but Greek table-tennis player Panagiotis Gionis strives to achieve something only a handful of athletes have achieved in their careers by participating in his fifth Olympiad. Speaking to the Greek Reporter Gionis, born...

Greek Table Tennis Champion Panagiotis Gionis Disqualified from the Olympic Tournament

The Greek table tennis champion was unable to qualify to the next round of the table tennis Olympic tournament in London. The Greek champion played well but was unable to win the Japanese athlete Seigia Kisikaoua, his opponent and...

Greeks Battling for Victory at the London Olympics on Monday July 30

Greek athletes are doing their best during the London Olympics in an effort to return to their homeland with dozens of Gold Medals. Efthymis Mittas is competing in shooting at 11:00 am. Nikos Mavromatis is competing at 12 noon. The...