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Stray Dogs

Greek Cafe on Lesvos Offers Shelter to Stray Dogs

A cafe on the Mytilene port of Lesvos island is opening its doors at 3 am every night to offer stray dogs shelter from the cold. The cafe - named Hott Spot, after the refugee registration center operating on the...

Report: Number of Stray Dogs in Greece Increases Amid Crisis

The repercussions of the Greek crisis on the country's residents have been well documented since its outbreak in 2009. A new report by the BBC focuses on another effect of Greece's adverse economic conditions. Stray dogs are a very common occurrence in...

Woman Caught Exporting Stray Dogs to Belgium and Germany

A Belgian woman in Thesprotia in northern Greece has been found collecting stray dogs and exporting them to owners abroad. The woman, in conjunction with veterinarians, first managed to secure legal permits for the dogs before selling them to...

Concurrent Marathon for Stray Animals in Sydney and Athens

The Penny Marathon, an event raising awareness of the the plight of stray, abused and neglected animals in Greece will take place in Athens and Sydney on Sunday July 14th, 2014.