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Greece Uncovers Russian Spy Operating Under ‘Deep Cover’

Greece's intelligence services uncovered a Russian spy who, they say, was operating in the country since 2018 in "deep cover". According to the National Intelligence Service (EYP), the foreign national named "Irina A. S." had gained Greek citizenship and an...

The Remarkable Story of Greek-Ukrainian Patriot Turned Spy

Sonia Sofia Stefanidou, a Greek woman who served as a nurse in 1941, and later went on to operate as a spy against the German invaders

Greece Dismisses Spy Theories on Forced Belarus Landing

Greece's PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated that there is no evidence of spies onboard the Ryanair flight forced to land in Minsk on Sunday.

Two Arrested as Alleged Turkish Espionage Unravels on Greece's Rhodes

The Greek Police arrested recently two Greek citizens, who are members of the Muslim minority of Thrace, on the island of Rhodes. The citizens were charged with the serious crime of conducting espionage against Greece. The incident involves an individual...

Cypriot National Amongst Russian Spies

A Cypriot citizen, identified as Christopher R. Metsos, who was released on bail last week by a court in his country and is now a fugitive, is amongst 11 people formally accused of spying on behalf of Russia. According...

The Unknown Story of a Greek Spy

Olga Staboli was born in Egypt, immigrated to Australia, worked her way into theatre business, performed in Athens just before World War II broke out, joined the Greek Resistance against the Nazis...and ended up spying for the British. Her fascinating...