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Iron Mike Zambidis in Italy to fight against Warren Stevelmans

Mike Zambidis accepted another challenge and will travel to Italy to fight against the South African Champion Warren Stevelmans, who lives and trains in Holland. The 27 years old Stevelmans (aka “Chaka Zulu”) has a track record of 65 fights...

Greek Australian Skier Lydia Lassila Wins Gold in Winter Olympics

Lydia Lassila laid on the snow in Turin four years ago with her left knee shattered while her Olympic hopes faded away. She didn't give up, although it would have been easy. Four years later she won the gold medal...

The 2008 Homeless World Cup in Melbourne

Two Greek Australians will participate in the tournament but in different teams. George Chalkias is the coach of the Australian team and Christos Alefantes is the creator and one of the player for the Greek Homeless team.

Bob Costas anchors Olympics for the 7th time

Greek American Sportscaster, Bob Costas, born Robert Quinlan Costas, has been anchoring the Olympic Games for NBC since the early 1990s.