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The Greek Sponge Diver Who Became a Statue on Kalymnos

Captain Antonis Kampourakis has been diving into the depths of the Aegean sea, scouring the seafloor for precious sponges, for 50 years.

We May Finally Know What The First Animals Looked Like

Scientists have recently discovered a strong answer to a long-standing question about the earliest multicellular animal on Earth. For a while, sponges (Porifera) were considered the top contender for this title because of their simple structure, particularly their lack...

Kalymnos Children Sing Traditional Christmas Carols for Greeks Everywhere

The schoolchildren of the Greek island of Kalymnos in the Dodecanese archipelago sang the traditional Christmas carols or kalanda for Greek people everywhere on Friday. Walking down the steep, narrow cobblestone streets of the island's capital, the children sent a...