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Sphinx Statue Unearthed in Egypt

At an ancient temple in southern Egypt, archaeologists have uncovered a figure that is reminiscent of a sphinx, as well as the remnants of a shrine. The Hathor Temple is one of the best preserved ancient locations in Egypt, and...

Emblematic Ancient Greek Artefacts Travel To Australia

Emblematic ancient Greek artefacts from Greece's largest museum will be exhibited in Australia.

Greek Goddess the Sphinx Embodied Concept of Knowledge as Power

One of the most recognizable figures of antiquity, the Sphinx, took many forms in the civilizations of Greece, the Near East and Asia.

Lost Sphinxes of King Tut’s Grandfather Found in Luxor, Egypt

Two gigantic sphinxes of Amenhotep II, the Egyptian pharaoh who was King Tut's grandfather, were recently unearthed, according to a statement released by the Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities Authority. Unearthed at an ancient Egyptian temple known as the "Temple of...

Egypt Unveils “Avenue of the Sphinxes” with Spectacular Display

Egypt unveiled on Thursday the renovated "Avenue of the Sphinxes" with a spectacular display aimed at highlighting the country’s archaeological treasures. The avenue at the ancient city of Thebes, now renamed Luxor, is nearly two miles long and about 250...

BBC Highlights the Fascinating Beasts of Ancient Greece

In an article titled “The fantastical beasts on ancient Greece,” published in its Culture section, BBC news website focused on a darker side of Greek art and more specifically on the fearsome creatures that were commonly depicted in...