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NASA Space Capsule Returns With Asteroid Bennu Samples

A NASA space capsule is headed to Earth, bringing important samples from asteroid Bennu

The Superyacht Resembling a Spaceship

In an exciting development, the highly regarded British design studio Andy Waugh Yacht Design has unveiled a new idea for a catamaran called Decadence. This concept draws inspiration from the remarkable progress made in the automotive and aeronautical industries during...

Why NASA Names Its Spacecraft After the Ancient Greek Gods

Throughout its 64-year history, NASA has named several of its spacecraft and missions after ancient Greek gods and mythological figures. But what is the connection between NASA and ancient Greek mythology? From the Apollo program, which ran between 1961 and...

Patient Receives Treatment for Bizarre Case of Spaceship Injury

An unusual case made its way to private ANT1 TV's morning show on Tuesday. A patient visited a chemist with a prescription for drugs following an injury from an accident with a spaceship. The doctors report indicated that the...