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Solomos Solomou

Cyprus Remembers Brutal Murder of Tassos Isaac by Turkish Nationalists

August 11 marks 25 years since the brutal murder of the Greek Cypriot demonstrator Tassos Isaac inside the United Nations Buffer Zone in 1996.

Turkish Commander Admits Ordering Murder of Cypriot Hero Solomos Solomou

Hasan Kundakci admitted that he ordered the assassination of Greek-Cypriot hero Solomos Solomou.

Suspect in Murder of Cypriot Protester Proudly Poses Next to Erdogan

The man accused in the killing a Cypriot protester in August of 1996 was seen standing proudly next to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to the occupied territories last weekend. Kenan Akin, who was Minister of Agriculture...

Brutal Murders of Isaak, Solomou Still Haunt Cyprus

Cyprus is marking this week the brutal murders of Tasos Isaak and Solomos Solomou, the cousins who were murdered by Turkish mobs and police in August of 1996 in Deryneia. Anastasios “Tasos” Isaak was a Greek Cypriot refugee who participated...

Cyprus Remembers Heroes Isaak, Solomou on Anniversary of Brutal Murders (video)

Scores of people and party representatives attended a memorial service at Paralimni Cemetery earlier this week in memory of Tasos Isaak and Solomos Solomou, the cousins who were murdered by Turks in August of 1996 in Deryneia. Anastasios "Tasos" Isaak...

Turkish Professor Linked to Isaac, Solomou Murders on Cyprus

The Turkish newspaper Radical has reported that a university professor was arrested by authorities in Kyrgyzstan and charged in the murder of two young Cypriots, Tassos Isaac and Solomos Solomou, at an August, 1996 rally in Cyprus against the...