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Socrates, the Founder of Western Philosophy

Socrates is the most important exponent of Western philosophy, his ideas forming a continuum from Ancient Greece to today's Western thought

The Greek Philosophers ‘Hiding’ in Raphael’s School of Athens

Several of the most influential Greek philosophers and thinkers are portrayed in Raphael's masterpiece the School of Athens which adorns the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican. Painted between 1509 and 1511, it depicts a congregation of philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists...

Greek Philosopher Socrates and the Life Worth Living

Socrates was notoriously annoying. He was likened to a gadfly buzzing around while one is trying to sleep. The Oracle of Delphi declared him the wisest of all human beings. His life and death would go on to shape...

Socrates’ Wisest and Most Inspiring Quotes

Socrates, famous for his wise and inspiring quotes, died as he lived—hated by most Athenians but much beloved by his students. He was condemned to prison and death by poison in 399 BC for corrupting Athenian youth and rejecting...

Socrates’ Views on Death Will Help You Deal With Fear

One of the greatest minds of all time, Socrates' views on death made him go down in history for his cheerful taking of poison after his trial.

The Ancient Greek Weightlifter and the 316-Pound Rock

Ancient Greek weightlifter Bybon went down in history for the feat of lifting a 316-pound stone. In Ancient Greece, strength was greatly appreciated as a physical attribute. Weightlifting was common among ancient Greeks, since their culture celebrated strength. Soldiers trained...

Platonic Love: The Concept of Greek Philosopher Plato

Platonic love is one of the most widely misinterpreted concepts in Plato's philosophy. It has transcended the realm of philosophy, becoming widely used across culture and has strayed from its original meaning throughout the process. Plato believed that love is...

The Best Wise and Inspiring Greek Philosopher Quotes

Ancient Greek philosophers from Aristotle to Socrates and Plato to Thales have been extensively quoted over the centuries. These men and the wisdom they share with us resonates even in modern civilization. Quotes of the most famous Greek philosophers Aristotle This quote is from one...

A History of Wine in Ancient Greece

The recorded history of wine in Ancient Greece begins around the 15th century BC, while viticulture appears to have existed as early as in the Neolithic era, 6,500 years ago

Socrates on Gossip and Fake News: Timeless Advice from Ancient Greece

Gossip was a real tool in the hands of slaves who wanted to punish their masters if they had treated them badly in ancient Greece.