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Trump Launches New Media Company and “TRUTH Social” App

Former US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday he’s launching a new media company with its own social media platform, after he was banned from Twitter and suspended from Facebook after a group of his supporters stormed the US...

Facebook Whistleblower Charges Firm Aware it Spreads Hate

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, the former employee of the firm who released a bombshell on Sunday when she spoke freely to "60 Minutes" about the media behemoth's policies, charged in Congressional testimony on Tuesday that it "is operating in...

Donald Trump Asks Court to Force Twitter to Reinstate Account

Former US President Donald Trump has asked a Florida court on Friday to mandate that Twitter restore his social media account. In the court document, Trump asked a District Court judge for the Southern District of Florida for a preliminary...

The Unexpected Reason the Greek Island of Amorgos was Trending

The stunning Greek island of Amorgos is currently trending online, and not for its rugged natural beauty and secluded beaches, but for its name.

Efood Delivery: From Financial Success To Self-Inflicted Disaster

It took Efood delivery less than three years to become one of the most successful Internet startups in Greece -- but less than one day to turn into the ultimate disaster story. When a text message to 115 of their...

US Turns to Social Media Influencers to Persuade the Unvaccinated

The US is still at risk as the Delta variant makes it way across the nation - leading authorities to turn to social media campaigns.

Jennifer Aniston Congratulates ‘Friends’ Cast on Emmy Nominations

Jennifer Aniston got on Instagram to publicly express excitement and gratitude after the "Friends" reunion special received four Emmy nominations. "Friends: The Reunion" The reunion, which aired on HBO Max, was an almost two hour special featuring the six original cast...

Trump Announces Lawsuit Against Facebook, Twitter, Google

Donald Trump announced Wednesday he is filing a lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google, claiming that he is the victim of censorship.

Social Media Poses Risk to Humanity, Scientists Warn

Some biologists and ecologists think social media poses a risk to humanity-- to the extent that we need to act before further damage is done.

Facebook’s Ban of Donald Trump to Last Two Years

Facebook announced that its ban on former President Donald Trump would last at least two years on Friday, in what was its first official statement outlining a timeline for Trump's suspension from the social media platform. After posting what the...