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Cocaine-Addicted Sharks May be Feasting on Drugs Dumped off Florida Coast

Scientists say that sharks lurking off of Florida’s coast may be eating bundles of cocaine dumped in the ocean by US-bound drug smugglers. With the massive amounts of drugs washing up on beaches and being pulled out of the ocean...

The Deadliest Decade for Shark Attacks in Greece

When holidaying in Greece, few pause and think of the dangers that could be lurking below the idyllic Aegean waters, but an academic paper published last month has revealed new insights about the frequency of shark attacks in Greece. The paper,...

Is This a Goblin Shark Spotted in Greece or a Harmless Toy?

Scientists who published a photo of what would be the first-ever goblin shark found in Greece and the whole of the Mediterranean Sea have retracted their report. The retraction, submitted on March 20, follows Gizmodo’s earlier reporting on the...

Blue Sharks Swim Alongside Fishing Boats in Greece

Blue sharks are not aggressive and rarely ever bite humans.