sexual harassment

Greek Director Dimitris Lignadis to Remain Detained on Rape Charges

The investigating magistrate and the prosecutor ruled that former National Theater director and actor Dimitris Lignadis should be further detained until trial.

#MeToo Greece: PM Vows to Apply Stricter Laws for Sexual Abuse

Mitsotakis announced on Thursday that he will bring about new legislation to tighten sex abuse laws and help victims, while endorsing the #MeToo movement. 

Greek Minister Calls for Official Investigation into Sexual Harassment Claims

Greek Culture Minister Mendoni called for an investigation into sexual harassment and abuse claims against the director of the Greek National Theater

Greek Olympian Opens Pandora’s Box with Rape Allegations Against Federation

The news came as a shock, as Bekatorou's allegations brought to the surface a taboo issue that plagues not only the sports world but Greek society in general.

Greek Athletes Speak Out after Bekatorou Rape Allegation

More Greek athletes spoke out on sexual harassment after Olympic athlete and sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou opened up recently. The athlete said that when she was 21 she suffered a horrific assault by a much older person involved with her...

Greek Sailing Champion Shares Story About Sexual Assault

Greek sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou recently opened up about experiencing sexual assault as a young athlete while training in the hopes of competing in the Olympic Games. Known as an extremely skilled sailor, Bekatorou has dominated her peers in the...

Vast Majority of Greek Women Say They've Been Sexually Harassed at Work

According to research conducted around the country by the group ActionAid Hellas, an astounding 85% of Greek women say they have faced sexual harassment at work. Greek women in the tourism and service industries, two of the country's largest areas...

Greek-Australian MP Accuses Fellow Lawmaker of Sexual Harassment

Greek Australian MP Connie Bonaros has made a complaint of sexual harassment against a Liberal MP after an alleged "slapping" incident at a Christmas party at Parliament House. In a statement on Friday, Bonaros said: "All women should feel safe...

Marina Sirtis Reveals Traumatic Childhood Experience

Marina Sirtis recently revealed that she was sexually molested when she was just three years old. The former "Star Trek" actress opened up about the effect the experience had on her life, and how she eventually tried to cope...

Greek Doctors Up in Arms with Short Film against Sexual Harassment

The Medical Association of Athens condemned a short film aiming to highlight the problem of sexual harassment as "slanderous and dangerous". The film by the General Secretariat for Gender Equality (SGGA) presents a pediatrician sexually harassing a mother. SGGA said that...