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Greek Diver Revives Lifeless Sea Turtle in Incredible Rescue on Rhodes

In an extraordinary scene on Sunday, a diver on the island of Rhodes resuscitated a sea turtle that stopped breathing after getting tangled in ropes and dragged to the sea bottom. Images and video from onlookers captured the rescue on...

Gisele Bundchen Rescues Sea Turtle Caught in Net

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen, a longtime environmental activist, saved a sea turtle from certain death after it had become entangled in fish nets and was lying upside down on a beach. While taking a walk recently with her dog on the...

Turtles Suffer Slow Death Trapped in Lake North of Athens

Turtles suffer slow death trapped in cage in lake north of Athens Residents of a community north of Athens discovered tens of dead turtles

Over 700 Sea Turtles Found Dead in Greece Last Year

A record number, over 700, sea turtles died in Greece in 2020, according to a report published by ARCHELON.

Spectacular Footage of Newly Born Sea Turtles Rushing to the Water in Greece's Mykonos (video)

Bathers and volunteers gathered at a beach in Greece's Mykonos to assist new born sea turtles reach the sea in their first and most important journey in their life. The footage by Mykonos TV, shows dozens of little caretta-caretta turtles...

European Court Prosecutor Slams Greece for Failing to Protect Kyparissia Gulf

Twenty years after the Greece’s first referral to the European Court of Justice for failing to adopt protection status for caretta-caretta sea turtles, the general prosecutor of the European court suggested on Thursday, February 18 that Greece be condemned...