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Sea snot

Toxic ‘Sea Snot’ Reappears in Marmara Sea, Turkey

The toxic sea snot in Marmara Sea, Turkey has reappeared with experts and fishermen worrying of seafood contamination

Sea Snot Could Pose a Problem for Beaches in the US

The "sea snot" that plagues Turkey's Marmara sea could be a harbinger of whats to come for other bodies of water across the world, especially in the United States. Sea snot occurs due to rising water temperatures that cause phytoplankton--a...

Sea Snot Invades Island of Imvros, Threatening Greek Waters

The "sea snot" that has plagued the Sea of Marma in Turkey has now infiltrated the shores of Imvros, posing a serious threat to Greek waters.

Turkey Sea Snot Reached Northern Greece, Scientist Reveals

Parts of a huge "sea snot" which has covered a vast area of the Marmara Sea off Istanbul have been recently spotted in northern Greece

Strange “Sea Snot” Takes Over Marmara Sea in Turkey

"Sea snot" has taken over the Marmara Sea near Istanbul in Turkey.