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The Greek Scientist Whose Work Could Help Exploration of Mars

Konstantinos Giapis, a professor of chemical engineering at Caltech invented a completely new way of producing oxygen from carbon dioxide.

Greek Scientist Develops Pioneering 6G Technology

A Greek scientist is developing 6G technology after receiving a 2 million euro grant to pursue the project at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Greek Students Take Part in Eratosthenes’ Greatest Experiment

An experiment devised by one of Greece's greatest scientists, Eratosthenes, was recreated once again recently by students from 35 nations.

Gazing at the Stars: The Mystic Allure of the Space Observatory Atop a Greek Mountain

Up on the slopes of central Greece stands a planetarium and observatory of unparalleled educational value to the area and beyond.

Stanford’s Professor Ioannidis Weighs In on Coronavirus Vaccines

In an exclusive interview, Stanford University Professor Dr. John Ioannidis assessed the different vaccines being administered around the world.

Greek Startup Develops Hand-Held Covid Detection Device

Greek startup Biopix-T has developed a mobile Covid-19 detection device, called Iris, which can identify the presence of the virus in a sample in just half an hour. The device, which functions just like a mini laboratory, is expected...

Greek Scientist to Receive Prestigious Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal

Greek scientist and professor Spyros Pandis will be awarded the Vilhelm Bjerknes medal by the European Geosciences Union (EGU) in 2021. Pandis, a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Patras, will receive the prestigious award...

A Greek Architect's Designs for the Moon

Determined to become a fixed star rather than a passing comet in his domain, young Greek architect engineer Angelos Chrysovalantis Alfatzis has made a significant contribution to the study of materials for building habitable constructions in space, while working...

Trump Formally Withdraws US Membership from WHO in Letter Signed by Pompeo

After months of threats, the United States formally sent a letter on July 6 stating that it will withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) after 72 years of membership in the UN-sponsored body. US President Trump had floated the...

Thessaloniki Welcomes Avant-Garde of Nanotechnology World in July

Nanotechnology 2020, the leading conference in the field of nanotechnology and nanosciences in southeastern Europe, is set to kick off Saturday July 4. And for the very first time, it will be taking place both virtually and live, in...