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How the Minoan Civilization Appears in Greek Mythology

The Minoan civilization was one of the most prominent civilizations in the Bronze Age. This was also the era in which the Greeks first clearly emerged as a distinct people. Unsurprisingly, this important civilization right at the start of...

Ultimate Guide: What Are the Best Greek Islands to Visit in October?

If planning a trip to Greece in October you can visit some of the most popular Greek islands, and enjoy the last of the last golden days of the summer weather. Here are some tips on how to get...

Five Castles to Visit in Santorini

The most famous cliff all over the world, the Caldera of Santorini is a place worth seeing at least once. Nothing compares to the incredible sunset views on the highest edge of the volcano when the sun goes down...

A September Trip to Remember: Santorini and Mykonos

Rediscover two of the most popular Greek islands and get to know a different side to Santorini and Mykonos—in September. These two islands that are known as major tourist attractions quiet down (a little) at the end of the summer...

Minoan Language Linear A Linked to Linear B in Groundbreaking Research

The ancient Minoan language known as "Linear A," long untranslated, may finally be deciphered with the help of the internet.

Findings on Santorini Point to “Lost Island of Atlantis” Origins

The ancient lost city of Atlantis may indeed have been located on what is now known as the Greek island of Santorini.

Paris Hilton Shows Off “Barbie Pink” Bikini Photos in Greece

On Tuesday, American celebrity socialite Paris Hilton showed off photos of her holiday in Greece on Instagram. The heiress to the Hilton family fortune posed on a yacht amid the glistening waters of the Mediterranean Sea. She was photographed wearing...

How Did Bronze Age Greeks Know About Asian Monkeys?

Scientists have debated why Bronze Age wall paintings at the ancient site of Akrotiri depict monkeys that came from thousands of miles away in Asia for years.

NBA Star Stephen Curry Celebrates Wedding Anniversary in Santorini

NBA star Stephen Curry celebrated his 12th wedding anniversary with Ayesha Curry on the Greek island of Santorini. The Golden State Warriors player wrote on Instagram: "My Woman. I Love you more than you know. I’m thankful for every experience...

Santorini Wines Owe their Exceptional Quality to Island’s Volcano

Santorini's wines are world-famous for their exceptional quality and unique character, while the island's vineyards are the oldest in Greece