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Russian invasion of Ukraine

US Announces $1.1 Billion More in Military Aid for Ukraine

The US government announced approximately $1.1 billion in additional military aid for Ukraine as part of its commitment to support the country’s long-term defense needs amid its war with Russia. The announcement was made by the Department of Defense (DoD)...

Head of Russian Mercenary Group Filmed Recruiting in Prison

The head of a Russian shadowy Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeniy Prigozhin, appeared in a leaked filmed footage shot at a prison while recruiting convicts to fight in Ukraine. In the verified video footage, Prigozhin can be seen addressing a large...

Biden Marks Ukraine Independence Day with $3 Billion Military Package

U.S. President Joe Biden extended a $3 billion package to Ukraine in military aid to mark its Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday. Since Russia's invasion six months ago, this new military assistance is the largest aid package from Washington, and...

Ukrainian Priest Beaten By Russian Priest With Cross At Funeral

Footage showing a Ukrainian priest being attacked by a Russian priest with a cross during a soldier's funeral was leaked online.

Angelina Jolie Visits War Victims in Ukraine

US Actress Angelina Jolie was spotted at numerous locations in the city of Lviv, in war-torn Ukraine on Saturday April 30.

“Ghost of Kyiv” Ukrainian Pilot Killed In Battle, Identity Revealed

The Ukrainian fighter pilot who was dubbed “the Ghost of Kyiv” died in air battle last month, and his identity has been revealed.

NATO Concerned that Russia May Deploy Chemical Weapons in Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated during a NATO Summit on Thursday that the alliance is concerned that Russia might use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine. Stoltenberg also stated that NATO members agreed to assist Ukraine, which is not...

Defeated Axis Powers Germany and Japan Rearm After Ukraine Invasion

Germany and Japan, the two main Axis powers defeated in World War II, are now rearming themselves following the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

60 Million Barrels of Oil to be Released from Strategic Reserves

The US and 30 other countries around the world committed to release 60 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve on Tuesday in a bid to stabilize global energy markets after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The members of...

Macron Urges Putin to Stop War as Ukraine-Russia Talks End

French President Emmanuel Macron called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine during a phone call on Monday. The French presidential office announced that Macron asked Putin to implement an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, stop all...