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Submerged Ancient Greek City Resurfaces in Turkey

The ruins of an ancient Greek city in Asia Minor have become visible for the first time in three decades due to a drought that has caused the water of the Bayramiç Dam to recede. The ruins belong to Skepsis,...

Lost Temple of Poseidon Unearthed in Southern Greece

Ancient ruins unearthed in Ileia, Greece, have been identified by archaeologists as the lost temple of Poseidon described by Strabo.

Salamina: A Surprising Get-Away from Athens

If you see the above picture and it says that it is from the island of Kefalonia, you would believe it, right? Well, it's not the popular tourist island of Kefalonia, it's the lesser known and visited island of Salamina! Salamina...

Ruins of Ancient Greek City Found on Mount Pindos

Archaeologists were stunned to find the ruins of an unknown ancient city which dates back to the 4th century BC, at an altitude of 1,200 meters on the Greek mountain of Pindos. It is believed to be the highest...