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Greek Demonstrators Join Global "Day of Rage"

Sol Square in Madrit, Tahrir Square in Cairo, Green Square in Tripoli, Syntagma Square in Athens, Zuccotti Park in New York and now Paris, London, Tokyo, Brussels and the list goes on and on. Greek indignandos gathered up for once...

European "Union": Goodnight and Good Luck, Greece

"You either keep your word and push the mid-term program immediately or you will not be given the next trench", said Troika officials to George Papandreou and Evangelos Venizelos. Surely it must[...]

London Riots Exclusive: Greek Caught in the Line of Fire

Greek girl describes first hand account of being caught in the line of fire during London riots. Everything had started when a black man was shot dead by a police officer in Tottenham, predominantly a black area, and the whole thing resulted in what we're witnessing today.