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Turkey’s Bid to Stop US Brawl Lawsuits Rejected

The US Supreme Court rejected Turkey's attempt to stop lawsuits in US courts related to a violent altercation that took place outside the residence of the Turkish ambassador in Washington in 2017 and left anti-government protestors injured. In rejecting Turkey's...

50 Years of US Navy History Will Be Scrapped for One Penny

The US Navy aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk — a ship that served from Vietnam through the second Iraq war — is heading for the scrapyard in May, with the ship having begun its final sea voyage in January. In the...

Protestors Against Mandatory Vaccination Ransack Cyprus TV Station

A demo against mandatory vaccination in Cyprus dissolved into a riot on Sunday, as protestors trashed the offices of a TV station.

Athens Riot: Suspect in Attack on Police Officer Arrested

Police have arrested a suspect over the brutal attack at a police officer during the riot in the Athens suburb of Nea Smyrni on Tuesday evening.

Senseless Violence in Athens Condemned by Greek Politicians

Greek political parties condemned the senseless violence that broke out in Athens which resulted in a serious injury to a police officer.

Violent Clashes Break Out Between Police and Protesters in Athens

A massive demonstration of nearly 6,000 people against police brutality has resulted in violent clashes between police and protesters.

Greek Riot Police Break Up Prison Melee

Greek riot police stormed Athens’ Korydallos prison on Tuesday evening to put a stop to the widespread brawling among inmates which erupted earlier in the day. An Afghan detainee and a prison guard were injured in the clashes. Dozens of...

Two Injured in Refugee Protest at Diavata Camp

Two people were injured during a Monday morning protest that occurred in Thessaloniki’s refugee camp of Diavata. Approximately forty refugees and migrants blocked the road outside of the camp, demanding better living conditions. The Diavata area has been covered in snow...

Athens and Thessaloniki Like War Zones After Thursday Riots

A day after widespread clashes between anarchists and police in central Athens and Thessaloniki, the scenes coming from the two city centers are shocking. Cars and motorbikes lie as burned-out hulks, shops are destroyed and streets choked with debris look...

Athens Riots Break Out on Anniversary of Teen's Death (video)

Demonstrators marked the tenth anniversary of the killing of Alexandros Grigoropoulos clashed with police in central Athens on Thursday. Youths hurled Molotov cocktails at police officers and smashed shop windows along Stadiou Street before police responded with teargas. Authorities deployed about...