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Greece Celebrates Resurrection of Christ: Christos Anesti!

Greece celebrated on Holy Saturday night the Resurrection of Christ at local churches throughout the country. In a service that started late in the evening, candle-holding crowds gathered outside the church. During the liturgy, a few minutes before midnight, all the...

Holy Light Arrives From Jerusalem to Athens to Mark Easter

The Holy Light arrived in Greece on Holy Saturday, May 1 in a much humbler ceremony than what Greeks were used to in previous years.

Good Friday: a Day of Fasting, Mourning and Solemn Processions

For Greek Orthodox believers, Good Friday is a day of fasting and absolute mourning. The Greek Orthodox Church reminds us about Jesus’ journey to the Cross and death, about his burial and the triumph of evil over good, until the...

Holy Light to Arrive in Greece in Humble Ceremony This Year

The Holy Light will arrive to Greece on Holy Saturday in a humble ceremony, without the head of state honors of previous years

The Timeless Easter Traditions of Greece

The Greek Orthodox Church is blessed with rich, colorful and symbolic Easter traditions that Greeks have followed for centuries.

Corfu Celebrates Resurrection with Traditional Pot Smashing (video)

Thousands of locals and visitors commemorated the First Resurrection at noon on Holy Saturday with the traditional pot smashing ritual in Corfu's city center. According to the ancient island tradition, on Holy Saturday Corfu residents decorate their windows and balconies with...

Holy Saturday – The Last Holy Week Day

Holy Saturday is the last day of Holy Week and Lent. On Saturday, the chief priests and Pharisees asked Pontius Pilate to secure Jesus Christ’s tomb for three days because they had suspicions that his disciples would try to...

Epitaphios: Traditions of Holy Friday

Easter is one of the biggest religious celebrations of Christianity commemorating the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the passage from death to life. But as with other religious celebrations, the Christian celebration was predated by other events...